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  • Leslie Allan’s Management Tip #1

    Leslie Allan’s Management Tip #1

    Management Tip #1: Skilled and motivated employees lead to satisfied and loyal customers. What does this tip mean to you? How can you apply this tip to the way you manage your employees? What would you add to this tip to make it more helpful?

  • Why Change Programs Fail

    Why Change Programs Fail

    Most change initiatives fail to deliver the expected organizational benefits time and again for the same reasons. Organizations and the Change Imperative The rate of organizational change has not slowed in recent years. In fact, with the Global Financial Crisis continuing to send shock waves to all four corners of the globe, the frequency of change appears to be increasing. Consider the other myriad drivers of change. For example, the rapid and continual innovation in technology is forever requiring changes to organizational systems and processes. Witness the startling growth of the internet and micro-devices, which is enabling much faster and…Read More »