Project Management

Project Management

News, articles and tips on how to plan, implement, lead and manage projects of all sizes in today’s organizations.

  • Project Reports

    Project Reports

    Project reporting plays a key role in any winning project. Project Report Recipients Project reports summarize and communicate project progress and issues to the various stakeholders. Reporting the progress of your project accurately and regularly allows for better quality decision-making. All concerned will have up-to-date information on which to base their judgements and everyone will be working from the same page. Who are the people that will depend on project status reports? These can include: project sponsors steering committee members project team members projects office external project consultants and suppliers line managers end users employees affected public government bodies Your…Read More »

  • What Is Project Management?

    What Is Project Management?

    How does a project differ from other human activities and what is involved in managing a project? How a Project Is Different What is a project and how is it distinguished from other activities that go on in a business? A project is happening when a number of people are organized to deliver a new product or service within a given timeframe and budget. So, producing a monthly report is not a project if the same report is produced month after month. However, if a new report needs to be designed with ideas from a range of senior managers and…Read More »

  • Project Management Glossary

    Project Management Glossary

    A list of definitions for the most common project management terms Project Management Terms and Definitions The world of project management can be bewildering to those new to the discipline. As with any specialist area, technical terms and jargon blossom in number over the years. Here is a list of the more common project management terms and their meanings. Term Description ADBTI Analyze, Design, Build, Test and Implement – a model used for the development of business solutions and software. ADDIE Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate – the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model for creating training programs. Agenda Notice…

  • Project Change Control

    Project Change Control

    The lack of proper project change control is where many projects go off the rails. The Importance of Change Management The lack of proper project change control is where many projects go off the rails. The reason for change can come from anywhere. There may be a change in legislation, a critical supplier may have gone into liquidation or there may have been an organizational restructure. Any of these may necessitate a change in the solution design, resourcing or scope. Added to this is pressure on the project team to add features and enhancements not planned in the original project…Read More »

  • Project Quality Management

    Project Quality Management

    How can you guarantee that your project will meet project stakeholders’ quality standards? Setting Quality Standards The initiators and sponsors of a project usually have some idea of the quality they expect from the project outputs. Should the paint on the new model car last 10 years or 20 years? Are spelling errors in the new procedures allowable? To avoid disappointment, these quality requirements should be documented in the project Quality Management Plan and agreed at the outset by the project sponsor, client and Project Manager. Achieving the quality outcomes agreed then becomes the responsibility of the Project Manager. The…

  • Project Issues Management

    Project Issues Management

    Managing project issues as they arise is an important task in any project, large or small. Managing Project Issues Managing project issues as they arise is an important task in any project, large or small. Some events happen that were not anticipated and these could jeopardize your project. Project issues could include: key stakeholders are not available during requirements gathering specialist project personnel are diverted to another project bad weather delays an installation a service provider goes into liquidation Keeping in close contact with key stakeholders and meeting regularly with your project team members will keep you abreast of issues…Read More »

  • Project Resource Management

    Project Resource Management

    Bringing projects in on time and within budget depends on the effective management of project resources. Managing Project Resources Effectively Managing project resources is a critical part of any project. If you run out of money, you will miss one of the most important success criteria for any project; being on budget. And blowing your budget will also most likely impact the other two success measures: being on time and on scope. Effective resource management begins early with reasonable estimates of the material, infrastructure and labor required to achieve the project outcomes. Gather as many experts as you can in…Read More »

  • Project Task Management

    Project Task Management

    Project outcomes are achieved through a variety of people exerting effort in many specific tasks. Creating a Project Schedule Every project delivers its outputs through people doing things – whether the output is a building, new procedures, an upgraded accounting system or a training package. The larger the project, the greater the variety of generalists and specialists involved and the more complex the interactions between them. Effective project task management involves the Project Manager in coordinating the activities of all of the players so that people are doing the right things at the right time and with the right equipment.…Read More »

  • Why Projects Fail

    Why Projects Fail

    The same reasons for the epidemic of project failures occur with alarming frequency. Common Causes of Failed Projects Only one out of three projects is completed successfully. Nearly half are either late, over budget or did not deliver on all of the key outputs. Almost one in four are either cancelled or left to gather dust after delivery.1 This dismal track record is only growing worse as budgets tighten and expectations rise. What can a manager do to beat the odds? The answer is to learn from the mistakes of the past. Though no two projects are alike, the reasons…Read More »

  • Benefits Realization

    Benefits Realization

    The most useful projects are approved on the promise that they will bring some measurable benefit to the organization. Creating Business Benefits Many projects stop short at delivering the project outputs, and this is fine so long as the project was never expected to deliver benefits to the organization. However, this is not so for most projects. If a project is not expected to bring some benefit to the organization, then what is the point of running the project? In most cases, the benefit to the organization will be documented in the Business Case and transcribed into the Project Plan.…Read More »