Managing Change in the Workplace – A Practical Guide

Managing Change in the Workplace – A Practical Guide

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A practical guide and workbook intended for everyone expected to lead, manage and implement change in today’s organizations. This essential guide covers every aspect of managing change effectively and uses the unique CHANGE ApproachTM to getting all affected on board and working towards the new way of doing things.

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Avoid Change Management Pitfalls

This guide will help you with:

  • getting your workplace change program moving
  • dealing with resisters and organizational politics
  • planning for workplace change
  • identifying your key stakeholders
  • convincing the executive team
  • dealing with competing demands and interests
  • articulating what you are aiming for
  • identifying the skills your people need
  • making the change stick

Who Uses this Guide?

Anyone involved in leading, managing or implementing organizational change, including:

  • Program Managers
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Workplace Change Leaders
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Program Sponsors
  • Org Development Consultants
  • Steering Committee Members
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers and Supervisors
  • Team Members
  • Middle Level Managers
  • Trainers

Leverage Guiding Principles

Discover the five key principles guiding successful workplace change initiatives and why you need to incorporate them into your change program.

Powerful Process Approach

Learn to use the six phases of the CHANGE ApproachTM to guide you from the initial good idea to eventual institutionalization of the new way of working.

Diagram of Change Approach Phases

Apply to All Aspects of Change

Make the most of the included workbook to:

  • map your change program profile
  • develop your change strategy
  • articulate your change goals
  • identify and manage stakeholders
  • develop a training plan

and more …

Comprehensive Learning

This guide will show you how to:
Diagram of change project planning and implementing

  • use the discipline of project management to get results
  • build effective teams for workplace change
  • create an effective communication plan
  • use performance measures to gain credibility
  • delegate responsibility so that people will act
  • make training a positive impact
  • progress stuck teams
  • motivate people to change

Immediate Practical Application

As you work through the guide, you will complete a series of practical exercises that will help you plan and manage your change for maximum impact.

On your journey, you will be treated to a variety of tools, techniques and tips for ensuring that your change lasts. Practical tools that you can use time and again include:

  • Scoping worksheets for drawing your program’s change profile
  • SWOT Analysis for identifying the forces for change in your organization
  • Goal setting tool for writing effective change program goals
  • Force Field Analysis for developing a strategy for managing resistance
  • Stakeholder worksheet for identifying and managing stakeholder expectations

and more …

PLUS: Purchasers of this guide can download a complimentary copy of the customizable and reusable workbook that contains all of the forms featured in the guide.

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How do I download the complimentary customizable workbook?

As a purchaser of this eBook, you are entitled to a complimentary copy of the workbook that contains the forms featured in this eBook. To download the workbook, follow the instructions contained in the purchased eBook.

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“I purchased Managing Change in the Workplace as this is something that our organization is going through – change! I found the tools very useful and the information helpful in that it was written in easy to understand – plain English. As with most organizations experiencing change, we had an idea of what we needed to do but couldn’t fully capture how to do what we needed to do. Your materials assisted us greatly in accomplishing that task. I recommend this particular product for any organization that knows they are going to experience changes to their culture. If you are able to understand the complexities of what occurs during times of change, you are certainly in a better position to manage it.”

Kellie Auld, CHRP
Human Resources Advisor

“We are delighted with this programme. As our business is going through restructuring and have already implemented new operational systems, we have experienced considerable resistance from the staff. Using the steps and the structured approach helped us to analyse the situation. We have already ironed out several issues (SMART goals) and the staff are more motivated and committed to the change. We appreciate your professional service and will definitely be using more of your interesting resources.”

Margy Jackman
Synergy Seminars

“The Managing Change in the Workplace guide presented me with just what I needed. Using simple language, the guide laid out the issues relating to change in organizations in a logical and easy to understand sequence. In many ways the guide helped me to organize my own thoughts about change management.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the guide is the inclusion of the practical tools for change management. I have found that being able to share practical tips and tools with the participants in training workshops is invaluable. Being able to help people do something cannot be replaced by telling them about a process. Since I started using the managing change guidelines, I have been able to leave the participants feeling that they could start to do something practical to change their organizations from the day after the workshop.

To date, Managing Change in the Workplace is the best resource I have found anywhere to help me do my work. I am more confident when I approach assignments now than I had ever been before. I would recommend the guide to anyone involved in change management without any reservations.”

Cindy Emmanuel McLean
Change Management Consultant
Caribbean Centre for Development Administration

Managing Change in the Workplace is not your usual book on leading and managing change. The chapters sequentially move the reader through a change process and provide valuable information on understanding change, principles guiding successful change programs, the CHANGE Approach, managing resistance to change and managing change through projects and through teams.

Managing Change in the Workplace is different from other guides because it is packaged with a reusable and customizable change program workbook. Regardless of where a reader is in planning or implementing a change process, or how comfortable they feel in leading change, there is something in the guide for them.

Readers can scan the chapters and pick out the chapter or section that interests them the most. They can use all or part of the workbook. They can tailor this guide to their needs and the needs of their supervisors or team members. As a reader works through the guide and workbook, they actually are able to apply the lessons learned to their current change program.

Managing Change in the Workplace is a solid, practical guide from beginning to middle to end for anyone embarking on a change initiative for the first time, wanting a refresher on the change process, or facing resistance to change and definitely worth a look.”

Lisa Rosendahl
Human Resource Director, SPHR

“After doing a post on change management a while back I got introduced to Leslie Allan’s ebook titled, Managing Change in the Workplace: A Practical Guide. True to its title, it is indeed a practical guide. The author provides step-by-step actions to guide the reader through the change process. Although quite short (I love short books!), it is extremely comprehensive.”

Nick McCormick
Principal, Be Good Ventures, LLC
Author of Lead Well and Prosper

“If you are interested in change management you probably, like me, have a dozen or more books on your bookshelf, each on one particular dimension of the change management process and none addressing the whole process. You also know you’ll probably buy the next highly acclaimed one to be published as you search for that elusive ‘answer’ that will produce the desired outcomes from your change management initiatives.

This is why Leslie Allan’s book is such a gift to executives, leaders, managers and supervisors who want to initiate a change process in their organizations. It’s a complete guide and true to its subtitle a very practical guide.

The book is actually a workbook and that’s why it is so valuable. It takes teams and their leaders through the entire change management process from conception to implementation.

This is not, however, a book about slick strategies. At the outset it contextualizes change management, which is crucially important for any change management team to do to ensure the integrity of their initiative. This is the part that is often neglected or only superficially addressed and therefore results in a poorly conceived and ultimately failed process.

It’s a book that I’d recommend to a whole range of professionals and business leaders, not only to those people initiating a change management process. It has excellent sections for project managers, teams leaders and people engaged in training and development, for example. It also has valuable information on the psychology of resistance and how to win people over to new ideas and change, an excellent section on communication, good information on goal setting and a comprehensive section on team building.”

Dr. Maree Harris, PhD.
People Empowered

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