Writing Learning Outcomes – A Practical Guide and Workbook

Writing Learning Outcomes – A Practical Guide and Workbook

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A practical guide and workbook that takes trainers and instructional designers step-by-step through the process of developing effective training course learning outcomes. Learn proven techniques for reinforcing the critical link between your organization’s business needs and learner capabilities. Wherever you train and whatever type of training you deliver, this guide will help you create greater value from your training programs.

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Improve Training Outcomes

Create high impact learning in your organization through:

  • positively linking training activities to organizational objectives
  • enabling designers to write more relevant program content and assessments
  • better engaging clients and other stakeholders for stronger program support
  • more easily measuring the success of your program

Who Uses this Guide?

Anyone involved in designing, delivering and managing training programs, including:

  • Training and Learning Managers
  • Training Consultants
  • Training Co-ordinators
  • Technical and Non-technical Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Instructional Designers
  • Human Resource Consultants

Powerful Structured Approach

Use proven methods in your program design, including:

  • adopting the four-step process for creating effective training
  • leveraging the SMART approach to writing powerful business objectives
  • turning objectives into action-orientated participant behaviors
  • applying the three critical elements in your learning outcomes

Training Program Design Phases

Drive Learner Engagement

Get learners actively engaged in your programs through:

  • helping trainers stay on track
  • giving training participants a sense of purpose and direction
  • pitching training at the right level
  • focusing the learning on “doing” and not just memorizing

Immediate Practical Application

Use the supplied Workbook to complete all process tasks, including:

  • identifying your clients
  • facilitating client meetings
  • reviewing background materials
  • developing SMART objectives
  • writing action statements
  • encapsulating workplace variables
  • formulating terminal and enabling objectives
  • incorporating the three learning domains

Enhance Your Credibility

  • Deliver programs with a focus on real business results.
  • Delight your trainers with highly practical tools and methods.
  • Achieve consistently high ratings from program participants.

Customize to Your Needs

Learning Outcome TemplatesDownload the complimentary customizable learning outcome templates.

With these reusable Microsoft Word-based templates, you can easily document all of the levels and components of your program’s learning objectives.

Each template includes full instructions for use.

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How do I download the complimentary customizable templates?

As a purchaser of this eBook, you are entitled to a complimentary copy of the template that contains the forms featured in this eBook. To download the templates, follow the instructions contained in the purchased eBook.

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“What I like particularly well with the book is the structure and method it offers. Writing learning outcomes will become much easier in the future, using Mr. Allan’s three-step model. I like the way he goes into details that are relevant for writing learning outcomes, and the use of examples. It makes it clear to the reader what is supposed to happen in each step. Each step includes easy adopting templates.”

Kai Roer

“I am very happy with the products that I bought from your company last year (Training Evaluation Tool Kit and Writing Learning Outcomes). The concept/process is uncomplicated, hence I was able to immediately use them in developing and designing a training program as well as measuring the program’s effectiveness.”

Lorenzo I. Sales
Training and Development
Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.), Inc.

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