Project Management

Project Management

News, articles and tips on how to plan, implement, lead and manage projects of all sizes in today’s organizations.

  • Why Projects Fail

    Why Projects Fail

    The same reasons for the epidemic of project failures occur with alarming frequency. Common Causes of Failed Projects Only one out of three projects is completed successfully. Nearly half are either late, over budget or did not deliver on all of the key outputs. Almost one in four are either cancelled or left to gather dust after delivery.1 This dismal track record is only growing worse as budgets tighten and expectations rise. What can a manager do to beat the odds? The answer is to learn from the mistakes of the past. Though no two projects are alike, the reasons…Read More »

  • Benefits Realization

    Benefits Realization

    The most useful projects are approved on the promise that they will bring some measurable benefit to the organization. Creating Business Benefits Many projects stop short at delivering the project outputs, and this is fine so long as the project was never expected to deliver benefits to the organization. However, this is not so for most projects. If a project is not expected to bring some benefit to the organization, then what is the point of running the project? In most cases, the benefit to the organization will be documented in the Business Case and transcribed into the Project Plan.…Read More »

  • Project Risk Management

    Project Risk Management

    Every important project does not go exactly to plan. Major events can threaten to derail your project altogether. Identifying Project Risks Every project has risks that threaten to cause project failure. Project risk management involves firstly identifying the risks that impact your project. These could be: a reliance on new and untried technology project funds contingent upon future profits inexperienced project team members late arrival of specialised equipment You don’t know everything, so it’s best to get as many people involved in the risk identification process as possible. The most efficient and effective process for identifying risks is to get…Read More »

  • Project Roles and Responsibilities

    Project Roles and Responsibilities

    Critical project tasks can easily fall through the cracks if it is left unclear who is responsible for doing what. Clarify, Clarify, Clarify A vital aspect of ensuring that your project stays on track is clarifying project roles and responsibilities with all involved in your project. Many projects fall short of expectations because too many things fall through the cracks. And nobody catches the droppings because either they did not know they were meant to or because they thought that no one would notice. Avoid this trap by clarifying who is responsible for what right at the outset of your…Read More »

  • Project Success Factors

    Project Success Factors

    There are time tested processes, methods and tasks that you can follow to help ensure the success of your project. Project Management Tips and Tools How successful are the projects you manage or contribute to? Research into why some projects deliver while others fail indicates some key factors leading to successful outcomes. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of success. From the outset, seek out and adopt a committed project sponsor who can overcome organizational roadblocks on your project. Find out who your project’s stakeholders are and communicate with them regularly. Leslie Allan’s change management…Read More »