Training Evaluation Toolkit Template Pack

Training Evaluation Toolkit Template Pack

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This template pack is an essential for planning, measuring and reporting all aspects of the impacts of your training programs. Use the customizable and reusable proformas and worksheets to identify and measure planning, implementation and performance successes and shortfalls. This product is used in conjunction with Leslie Allan’s Training Evaluation Toolkit.

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Save Time

  • No need to worry about developing surveys, reporting formats and calculation spreadsheets from scratch.
  • Use the ready-to-go templates for every phase of your evaluation and reporting activities.
  • Each template is in the familiar Microsoft Word and Excel format and is fully customizable.
  • Forms and worksheets are populated with working examples that you can follow before you enter your own data.

How training works diagram

Who Uses this Software?

Anyone involved in designing, delivering, managing and evaluating training programs, including:

  • Trainers/Facilitators
  • Training and Learning Managers
  • T&D Consultants
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Performance Improvement Managers
  • Program Managers

Comprehensive Evaluation and Reporting Tools

Practical tools that you can use time and again include:
Practical tools, templates, checklists and forms

  • planning and stakeholder communication templates
  • data collection forms for each evaluation level
  • participant skill assessment forms
  • charting and analysis worksheets for both financial and non-financial data
  • reporting templates for reporting results persuasively and professionally

and more …

Evaluate Both Benefit Types

Calculate and report both financial and non-financial benefits:

Financial Benefits

  • Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Payback Period
  • Net Present Value (NPV)

Employee Separations Chart
Non-Financial Benefits

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction, etc

Customize to Your Needs

Each template is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. If a template is not quite right, easily adapt it to match your organization’s exact requirements. For a complete guide on how to use and make the most of this set of templates, get Leslie Allan’s Training Evaluation Toolkit.

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More Info

Is my device suitable for this product?

To use this product, your device must be capable of opening and editing Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2007 or later document and workbook files.

How do I install this product?

This product is supplied in the compressed ZIP file format. Once you download the product file to your local storage, right-click on the filename to extract the Microsoft Word template/workbook. Select the option to Extract All or Extract To from the list of options. If your device does not recognize zip files, visit or to download the zip file extraction program.

What’s in the Template Pack?

The Training Evaluation Toolkit Template Pack contains the following guides, forms and worksheets:

  • Training Evaluation Template Pack User Guide
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion (Mail Merge)
  • Certificate of Completion Data Source
  • Training Evaluation Data Collection Plan
  • Training Participant Feedback Form
  • Training Participant Feedback Spreadsheet
  • Skill Assessment Form – Individual
  • Skill Assessment Form – Group
  • Training Transfer Survey Form
  • Training Transfer Interview Form
  • Level 4 Evaluation Worksheet
  • Organizational Results Survey Form
  • Training ROI Survey Form
  • Training ROI Worksheet
  • Evaluation Report Communication Plan
  • Training Program Evaluation Report
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“Clearly Mr Allan’s 20 plus years of professional experience in Training and Development comes through crystal clear as he identifies the real world challenges that professionals experience in providing effective programs that enhance the organization’s performance. He even provides tools for measuring ROI; the measurement of training that continues to grow in importance to prove its own worth in many organizations.”

Amy Peters
Corporate Training Manager
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

“The Training Evaluation Toolkit provides a complete and comprehensive vision of training and its evaluation. The tools featured in the package are well built, simple to use, easy to implement and really get the job done. The Toolkit allowed me to move to the next step of training evaluation. This toolkit really met my expectations and I highly recommend it to all potential customers.”

Mary Gervais
HR Coordinator

“Leslie Allan’s Evaluation Toolkit is one of the best resources I ever encountered. It’s comprehensive and you can gear it to your convenience. I highly recommend it.”

Diederick Stoel
Chief Executive Officer
ProfitWise International

“I am very happy with the products that I bought last year (Training Evaluation Toolkit and Writing Learning Outcomes). The concept/process is uncomplicated, hence I was able to immediately use them in developing and designing a training program as well as measuring the program’s effectiveness.”

Lorenzo I. Sales
Training and Development
Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.), Inc.

“If this is your first time evaluating training, then the Training Evaluation Tool Kit will give you the building blocks that you need to gather feedback, complete the assessment, analyse the results and record your findings. It is a one-stop tool box for evaluating your training programs, regardless of the size of your organisation. Would I buy it? Yes, for the templates and the explanation of Kirkpatrick’s model alone.”

Duane Davis
Author of Controlling Training
Source: Training Tools

“I looked at many different training evaluation resources and yours was the best by far. I found the Training Evaluation Toolkit very informative and useful. As a trainer and consultant, I want to increase my ability to be competitive and demonstrate effectiveness. The Toolkit did provide me with the information I needed. Thanks so much!”

Dawn Rannie-White
DCR Consulting

Training Evaluation Toolkit is a comprehensive toolbox for trainers. It has lots of useful and practical training assessment ideas and templates. If you are looking to improve your post-training assessment, I suggest you check out Training Evaluation Toolkit immediately.”

Hanzo Ng
Sales Ninja Grandmaster
Sales Ninja Training

“I found Training Evaluation Toolkit well-structured, focused and informative, while Allan’s writing is straightforward and to the point. His list of subjects is pretty comprehensive. I found the forms to be practical, helpful and easy to use. Think of this toolkit as a step-by-step guide to measuring training programs. If you’re a trainer, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing this toolkit.”

Mayra Calvani
Source: MyShelf.Com

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