From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance

From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance

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A comprehensive “how to” guide and toolkit for getting more workplace impact from your training programs. Learn proven strategies and techniques for finding performance roadblocks, aligning training to real needs, developing strategic partnerships, transferring learning to the workplace and demonstrating bottom-line impact.

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Avoid Training Delivery Failures

Get help with these common issues:

  • low levels of managerial support
  • unmotivated and disengaged learners
  • unclear linkages to your organization’s strategy
  • poor skills transfer to the workplace
  • lack of demonstrable benefits
  • proposals to cut future funding

Who Uses this Guide?

Anyone involved in designing, delivering, managing and evaluating training programs, including:

  • Line Managers and Supervisors
  • Change Managers and Leaders
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Technical and Non-technical Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Instructional Designers
  • Training and Learning Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Org Development Managers
  • Performance Improvement Managers
  • T&D Consultants
  • Human Resource Consultants

Enhance Your Credibility

  • Learn how to build “training to performance” partnerships with key stakeholders that focus on results.
  • Discover the impediments to employees using learned skills on the job and how to overcome them.

Workplace environment factors diagram

Powerful Systems Approach

Use the author’s unique PRACTICE Approach™ to:

  • identify the eight key elements impacting employee performance following training
  • design training programs that meet real organizational needs
  • turn around employee cynicism about training and create lasting improvements

Think and Act Strategically

This guide helps you position training as a core business strategy through:

  • developing powerful stakeholder partnerships
  • identifying your organization’s key workplace performance enhancers and inhibitors
  • fashioning the right workplace environment for effective skills transfer
  • adopting a structured approach to needs analysis, program development and implementation
  • focusing on high impact activities before, during and after training

Two Resource Kits in One

As well as showing you how to design and deliver high impact training, you receive the author’s complete Training Evaluation Toolkit.

Comprehensive Training Evaluation Tools

The included training impact evaluation tools will help you:Employee Separations Chart

  • select the most appropriate evaluation method for your circumstances
  • measure and report the impact of training programs in both financial and non-financial terms
  • decide when it is useful and meaningful to isolate the impact of training using simple rules

Easy to Use

These training evaluation tools are especially designed for practitioners who:

  • are not comfortable with financial calculations
  • have limited technical expertise in evaluation methods
  • are short on time

Practical Real-Life Examples

  • Follow three organizations as they correct common employee training mistakes by successfully applying the lessons learned in this book.
  • Learn from and emulate the real world examples included with the complimentary template pack.
  • Use the ready-to-go templates for every phase of your improvement and evaluation activities.

Immediate Practical Application

Start using the comprehensive set of 20 tools, forms and worksheets straight away.
Practical training tools, templates, checklists and forms
Practical tools that you can use time and again include:

  • wall charts and handy reckoners
  • trainer and training participant forms
  • plan proformas
  • checklists
  • questionnaires and survey forms
  • analysis worksheets
  • reporting templates

+PLUS: Purchasers of this guide can download a complimentary copy of the customizable and reusable template pack that contains all of the forms and worksheets featured in the guide.

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“It’s easy to see why users of this book have described it as a resource they use on a daily basis.”

Training & Development in Australia
June, 2009 (Vol 36, No 3)

“The templates and text associated with From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance are extremely valuable. The articulation of Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation and the application of this model in a training system is clear and concise. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in ‘…applying the measuring stick to training…'”

Graham Winter
Training Systems Consultant

“As a Training and Development professional of over 18 years myself, I have shelf after shelf of books and publications on practically every topic in the field. I must say that From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance has earned prime real estate on my bookshelf within arm’s reach as it is a resource I use on a daily basis. A must have for anyone in the profession, whether new to the field or experienced.”

Amy Peters
Corporate Training Manager
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

“The persistent failure of training programs to create lasting changes in workplace performance costs organizations billions of dollars annually. The performance improvement process described in From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance is on-target. It describes a practical systems approach that involves all the key players to get the job done. An essential reference.”

Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Performance Support Systems, Inc.

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